Friday, 20 April 2012

Quick, Come And Have A Look!

Hi everyone,

My illustration, ‘Girl in the Water’ has been posted on the 24 Project website. It is up there for one more day and I would love for you to check it out, but be quick or you'll miss it! Follow this link to view now:

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Making of, ‘Stopping the Hands of Time’

With this illustration, I really just wanted to express an emotion that the majority of us feel a lot of the time. Any time I felt like I had many things to deal with, I would always imagine someone trying to slow down time so that I had more time to deal with it all. I wanted to home in on exactly what this emotion would look like on paper so that we can visually understand what we are feeling.

There is no specific reason as to why the young girl is stopping the hands of the clock.  I drew the image this way so that the viewer can apply their own reason making the picture personal to themselves.

Pictures of ‘Stopping the Hands of Time’ taken by Matthew-Ben Campbell

‘Stopping the Hands of Time’

Hi again, I have another illustration I want to share with you all. I drew this during my short hiatus. Tell me what you think, by leaving a comment below. 

‘Stopping the Hands of Time’,  picture taken by Matthew-Ben Campbell

The Story of ‘Stopping the Hands of Time’

Sometimes we feel like we are carrying a huge weight on our shoulders and we begin to feel ourselves crumbling under the heaviness of the weight. This weight might be that you have homework to complete, you have deadlines to meet, you have people who need your help, house work which needs completing, children who need looking after, a family which needs feeding or bills which need paying. After a while, you might find yourself standing in front of a clock, squeezing your hands and wishing that time would slow down so that you could just catch a break.

The Making of ‘Girl in the Water’

My main aim behind this illustration was to try and reproduce on paper that same exact feeling of relaxation and peace that I felt when I had imagined the image in my head. I wanted to use a range of different soft colours to do this. I layered the sea with green, yellow, blue, pink and purple colours to give it a colourful and soft textured appearance. It was my last minute decision to add highlights to the young girl’s hair. I wanted to make her hair stand out and ripple in the water and this is the exact effect I produced. The illustration is deliberately simple because I wanted the viewer to feel the emotions of peace and calm which would have been lost if the illustration was elaborate. 

Pictures of ‘Girl in the Water’ taken by Matthew-Ben Campbell

Pictures of ‘Girl in the Water’ taken by Matthew-Ben Campbell

‘Girl in the Water’

A big hello to everyone reading this right now, it’s great to finally have the time again to upload some more of my illustrations to the blog. I’ve been so busy lately but now that they are finally up, I am happy to be able to share them all with you. I drew the illustration below a few months ago. I am really pleased with the outcome and I hope that you are too. The image just appeared to me in my head one day as I was chilling at home on the sofa. Anyway, I don’t want to distract you from the pleasure of viewing it, so I will lastly add that if you want, you can leave any comments that you have about the illustration below. 

‘Girl in the Water’

The Story of ‘Girl in the Water’

Have you ever had to explain how you feel to someone, but when you try to do so the words don’t seem to come out? Sometimes what you are feeling cannot be spoken or written down it is something that has to be experienced.

Imagine you are floating in a sea of warm water. You close your eyes and you slowly sink to the deepest part of the sea. As you fall, you feel all the anger and the hate that you stored inside of you wash off. You begin to relax, and you allow your body to be swept away by the waves. Enjoy this moment and feel the rush of the waves, hear the sound of the water moving and touch the smooth scales of the fishes as they swim by you. In this place, time does not exist, only what is here and now exists.

When you come out of the water and people ask you, ‘what happened to you?’ You open your mouth but then close it again, realising that no matter what you said, it would never be enough to make them truly understand that overwhelming feeling you had just experienced. 

Monday, 26 December 2011

The Making of, ‘Story Time’

Hi everyone and welcome to the making of ‘Story Time’. This illustration took me a few days to complete, mainly because of the time taken shading the image. I drew the image on a smooth sheet of Bristol board paper and coloured it in using a variety of different colouring pencils made by Faber Castell. My main aim was to create a warm atmosphere of a mother and daughter spending time together. I welcome your questions if you have any to ask me, and also any comments you would like to share!

Snapshots of ‘Story Time’

 Snapshots of ‘Story Time’

Story Time

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful Boxing Day. As a gift to you all, I would like to share with you my new illustration called ‘Story Time’. I hope you all enjoy! 

‘Story Time’

The Story Behind, ‘Story Time’

It was a cold winter’s night and Cassandra was tucked up in her comfy warm bed. In came her mother, whom Cassandra kindly asked to read her a bedtime story. Her mother replied softly saying, ‘yes, of course I will my sweetheart’.

They both bunched up under Cassandra’s warm bed covers and then her mother began to read. The book was about a boy named Alfie and was written by a woman named, Shirley Hughes. Her mother knew this was one of Cassandra’s favourite books.

Eventually Cassandra yawned and after, closed her eyes. Her mother took one look at her daughter and kissed her on her forehead. Then, on tip toes, she quietly left her daughters bedroom but before exiting the room she whispered, ‘goodnight Cassandra, and sweet dreams’.  

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Making of ‘To My Grandad’

Hello again, and welcome to the making of 'To My Grandad'. In this illustration, I wanted to create a peaceful and cosy atmosphere using warm colours. To begin with, I drew on an A3 sheet of paper, I then coloured in the drawing using colouring pencils made by Faber Castell. You can view the way the illustration looked before to the way it looks now, below.  

The Before and After Of ‘To My Grandad’
 The Before and After Of ‘To My Grandad’

To My Grandad

Hello everyone. A while ago it was my Grandad’s birthday. To commemorate his birthday I drew him this picture called, 'To My Grandad' and sent it to him on behalf of me and my family as a birthday gift. 

 'To My Grandad'

The Story Behind ‘To My Grandad’

That day, Grandad and I, along with family and friends, gathered around the table to eat. Before sitting down we sang, ‘happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Grandad happy birthday to you’. Everyone smiled and we all sat down to eat.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The making of ‘Rudy Snaps’

Welcome everyone to the making of, ‘Rudy Snaps’. I began the illustration by drawing some sketches. Once I was happy with them, I drew out a final draft on a thick sheet of white paper. Then, using pencils, I added colour to the illustration. The water, the blood, and the sun rays were created using coloured pastels. You can track my progress below, from the sketches to the final image.

 Sketches of ‘Rudy Snaps’

 Sketches of ‘Rudy Snaps’

Snapshots of ‘Rudy Snaps’ in completed format 

Snapshots of ‘Rudy Snaps’ in completed format

Snapshots of ‘Rudy Snaps’ in completed format

'Rudy Snaps'

Hi everyone, it’s time to unveil my latest illustration. And so without a further ado, I give to you my new illustration called, ‘Rudy Snaps’

Please enjoy!

‘Rudy Snaps’

The story behind, ‘Rudy Snaps’

‘Where have you been, Rudy?’
‘You OK, Rudy?’
‘What happened to your clothes?’
‘Is that blood?’
‘What happened, are you hurt?’ the neighbours asked.
‘There was a fight’, Rudy calmly replied. 


‘The gangs hang around our area always causing trouble. They prey on the weak, the vulnerable and the old. It’s hard to stand by and watch them get away with it. They’re cowards. Today I saw them beating up a frail old man. I was saddened, I was angered, I snapped. But I don’t care I protected my community from the people that tried to break it apart’.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

The making of 'A Fairytale Ending'

Hi, welcome to the making of, ‘A Fairytale Ending’, fleeing a life of prosperity for prosperity in love. In this post you’ll find the sketches and snap shots of the finished illustration, which capture the emotion of the characters and the costume designs that they both are wearing. The materials used to create the completed illustration were a thick white piece of paper, pastels, and pencils.


Sketches of ‘A Fairytale Ending’

Snap shots of ‘A Fairytale Ending’ in completed format


'A Fairytale Ending'

Hi everyone, welcome to my first official post on my first new blog. Below, I’ve uploaded an illustration called, ‘A Fairytale Ending’, fleeing a life of prosperity for prosperity in love

It may be a Fairytale Ending for the characters in my illustration but for me, it’s the beginning of a journey to create more beautiful illustrations to share with you all.

Don’t forget to get in touch - I’d love to hear of what you think so please, share your comments. 


'A Fairytale Ending'
Fleeing a life of prosperity for prosperity in love

The story behind ‘A Fairytale Ending’

Despite her family’s objections to mix with the lower classes, a princess abandons her wealthy life and family to run off with the shoe maker’s son who she has fallen in love with.

Together, the couple journey out of the kingdom with no thoughts for where they’re going or what’ll happen to them. All they care about is freedom, hope, love, fun, and adventure.